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in sustainable urban transport development

A dedicated team

to develop an affordable, accessible, attractive and efficient public transport

Get involved and discuss the Challenges

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Improved safety

reducing traffic accidents

Non-motorised transport

is efficient and healthy, a clear bet

Inter town transport

as a basis for Nation Wide transport plan

The Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI), recently organised a Regional Workshop under the theme "Discover Sustainable Urban Transport". This event was well attended by 30 participants from five Southern African Countries to discuss ways to implement Sustainable Urban Transport in the region.  The workshop was primarily aimed at gaining new perspectives on Sustainable Urban Transport visible in Southern Africa and to exchange views, experiences,...

06 Dec. 2017 by verusckha _araes
Urban areas are facing considerable challenges in meeting the mobility demands of their citizens. As public transport fails to be attractive, people are switching to private cars or are using informal services - resulting in more accidents, air pollution and increasing costs for households. Sustainable transport solutions are aiming to ad¬dress these challenges in a holistic way by improving public transport and promoting non-motorized transport. Namibia has started in the last years to follow the approach of Sustainable Transport. Master Plans for Windhoek and surrounding areas as well as...
27 Oct. 2017 by Julia Schmitt