Walking and cycling is on the one hand the most basic and traditional form of transportation and on the other hand the most efficient form of transport for short distances. Therefore it is important to cater for the needs of pedestrians and cyclists in order to offer safe and...

08 Sep. 2016 by Laura Merz
Windhoek's cyclists were on their bikes on Saturday, August 2nd 2014 raising awareness for bicycle safety and promoting cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation. The “Windhoek on Bike” event had been organised by Physically Active Youth (P.A.Y.) in partnership with the Deutsche...
13 Aug. 2014 by Madleen Knauth
On Friday, 9 May 2014, the second annual “Cycle to Work”- Day was celebrated with much success. Through this event, the Ministry of Works and Transport, the City of Windhoek municipality, and the Namibia Cycling Federation seek to raise awareness for non-motorised transport, trying to move...
23 May. 2014 by Madleen Knauth
After the successful premiere last year the Cycle to Work Day is back in Windhoek. Start is already tomorrow, the 9th of May 2014, at 7H00 AM in front of Maerua SuperSpar. The route will cover around 21,5 km in and around the City. The ride will finish where it started.
08 May. 2014 by Lars Stiebenz
Picture Taken by Robert Riethmüller
The Cycle to Work ride will begin at 07h00 Friday, the 17th of May at the Parking Area in front of Maerua Superspar. The route will continue through the CBD, passing through Katutura and return back at Maerua Superspar.
14 May. 2013 by frederikstrompen

Actual plan (changes may follow, stay tuned!!):
Cyclists meet  07h00 in the Hilton Parking lot. From there they will cycle under controlled circumstances with a police escort (City Police on Bicycles) to Maerua Mall, return via Jan Jonker road, pedal all the way along Independence...

03 May. 2013 by Anonymous