Pre-Feasibility Study for the Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan



The pre-feasibility study (PFS) is formulating integrated and sustainable projects that address
institutional, technical, financial, economic, social and environmental concerns. The implementation of
these projects will focus on measures that are:
- Inclusive and pro-poor (affordable, accessible and safe for all citizen of different income groups and
with different needs),
- Economically viable (acceptable economic rate of return) and financially sustainable (fare box
revenue, public service obligation payments must be sufficient for funding operational costs) and
- Environmentally sustainable
- Suitable for potential financing by Namibian central government and the local authorities under
applicable financing schemes.

Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan



The Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan (SUTMP) is a 20-year plan that identifies the types of investment in infrastructure and services that are required to improve the public transport (PT) system and non-motorised transport (NMT) provisions in the City of Windhoek, including Rehoboth, Okahandja and Hosea Kutako Airport (i.e., the Project Area). The SUTMP advances organisational, legislative, regulative, financial and operational measures needed to establish a network of high quality that is accessible, affordable, convenient, efficient, equitable, and safe. The PT and NMT facilities and services will meet both current and future mobility needs of the diverse and growing population in the Project Area through 2032.

Bus Timetables



The 7 new lines which are operating now:

  • Line 1 Siyanda - Rocky Crest
  • Line 2: Goreangab - CBS (Wernhil)
  • Line 3 Otjomuise - UNAM
  • Line 4: Goreangab - Avis
  • Line 5: Siyanda - Grove Mall (Kleine Kuppe)
  • Line 6: Okuryangava - UNAM
  • Line11: Okuryangava - Cimbebasia

(Keep in mind that the timetables are only drafts and there will be updated versions step by step. Also the Buses only drive in the peak hours just now but that will change as soon as the Bus drivers are trained)

Move Windhoek Flyer



Windhoek is growing at a fast speed of approximately 4.3% per year. Within twenty years Windhoek will have to cater for the mobility needs of one million residents. A key task for the City of Windhoek and the Government of Namibia is to plan for future transport needs and to cater for the growing population.


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Timetables Shopping Line



Download the new bus schedule for the Windhoek's first shopping line starting on 27th June 2015. The timetables are available in Afrikaans, Damara Nama, English, Oshiwambo, Otjiherero and Setswana.

Timetables Morning Bus Service in Katutura



Download the timetables for the daily morning bus service operating on two lines in Katutura.

Public Notice: Student Line



This is the public notice regarding the Municipal Bus Service Student Line.

New timetables shopping line



Shopping Line - every Saturday - every hour!

MoveWindhoek Infographic



Download our MoveWindhoek infographic to get a brief overview of what we do, who we are, and what we will achieve.


Bus Schedule for the City of Windhoek


City of Windhoek

The current bus schedule for the City of Windhoek, including information on the route network, departure and arrvial times as well as route numbers.

Financing Sustainable Urban Transport


Rodrigo Diaz, Daniel Bongardt

One aim of the SUTMP is to provide affordable transport solutions, considering that a part of Windhoek’s inhabitants has to pay up to one quarter of their income for transport. Not only an economically viable but also a financially sustainable urban transport system has to be found. In this regards the GIZ Sustainable Transport project in China has worked out a report which is analyzing a variety of financing and planning practices world-wide. This analysis can supply the SUTMP for Windhoek, Okahandja and Rehoboth with new ideas and lessons learned.