Bus Schedule for the City of Windhoek now online

20 Feb. 2014
by Anonymous

Good news for all users of Windhoek’s bus system: The City of Windhoek has uploaded the current bus schedule for the entire city. Users can now easily determine their routes as well as departure and arrival times with one click at home, or make use of their smart-phones while being on the move. You can also download the current bus schedule under our section “downloads” and access the information you need even though you are offline.
The schedule is currently under revision due to planned new bus procurements, higher coverage, higher frequency and a modernised fleet. Unfortunately, it has not yet been decided when the revised timetable will come into effect, so please watch this space for regular updates on the bus schedule.  
We hope this new service will convince even more people to take the bus and thus move Windhoek towards a more liveable and sustainable future.


Please click here to download the schedule: Master Bus Schedule.pdf