Move Windhoek introduces new Bus lines for Windhoek!

26 Oct. 2015
by Johannah Juepner

Move Windhoek and the City of Windhoek are establishing a new bus network in Windhoek, Namibia. The first step is already taken with three new bus lines running. Silja Fieblinger an integrated Expert at City of Windhoek gives more Information about the current development.

Since the 17th of August 2015, Windhoek has two new Bus lines running in Katutura. How do they differ from those which are already running?

The current bus system is unreliable, has no specific timetable or network plan and not enough capacity. In the morning, buses depart crowded by workers from most areas of the north-western residential suburb of Katutura to various employment locations in the east, the south and the city Center. In the afternoon it is vice versa. The new bus lines are based on a modern Bus concept which means:

·         The buses depart at scheduled times even if they are not full yet

·         They will stop at more bus stops

·         They will also drive during non-peak hours


What to your mind is the greatest difficulty?

For the people of Windhoek this modern bus system is really new and they don’t know it yet. So we need to show them how this bus system works and get them used to it.

Another difficulty is that we need to advertise more and make the population aware of the new busses so that there will be a mind shift in the population and they see the importance of this bus lines and use its advantages.


What development will there be in the future?

There will be more bus lines getting introduced during the next months and there are also new and more modern buses coming.


This timetables for line 1 and 2 are available in our download section.